Fictionalize Me

Let's play pretend.

To another dimension, you're a fictional character living in a fictional world. How would the author describe you?

Let me write your fictional self— based on your real strengths, values, and dreams.

The result: personal branding crossed with poetry meets fiction.

Yes! It would look good on your Instagram. Plus, this would be a perfect way of letting others know your story without being too personal and your strengths without appearing showing off. Being this vulnerable, having the courage to be yourself, makes everyone loves you more.

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Read some of others' stories:

All you have to do:

Fill in life questions in a form.

Since you’re an internet stranger, this is my way of getting to know you.

I just want to tell you: I have fun doing the form. The questions made me think about my life.


I’ve worked on recruitment projects before. Therefore, I understand personality tests and truly love your approach.

Bimoseno Paus

After analyzing your answers, I’d be able to write you.

Your question link will be sent after I receive the fee.

Please contact me so I can walk you through your personality test and payment details.

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They said:

At first, I was curious about Fictionalize Me. I knew Natasha as a good writer, so I gave it a shot. I love love looooveeee the result. I gave her a 10. She can show my ambitious side in a subtle way. And.. (she gets) my love of lipstick—oso me! It is indeed 'fictionalize me.'

Rina Permatasari, Brand Strategist

Exactly what I needed. I reached the end of my job’s term. The questions helped me to reflect, making my next step clearer. Plus, the writing earned me an edge in my personal branding. Anyway, it’s great to have a one of a kind Shakespearean themed story about myself.

Tizar Shahwirman, Young Leaders for Indonesia Awardee, former AIESEC Prasetiya Mulya President

I showed my boyfriend my poem/story Natasha wrote for me. He wanted one too! So, I made Natasha write about him. He’s happy to read the result. He said his story’s awesome that he feels so darn good. Oh, by the way, afterward, he wants her to help writing his song lyric.

Birgitta Anita

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About me:

I've always wanted to be a writer since I was 7.

A business degree, a social soul-searching trip to Egypt and a couple of awry jobs later, I decided to fully pursue my writing career. Now, I'm working on freelance copywriting projects and building a social brand to help Indonesian stray cats.

Feel free to contact me:

LINE: nattesha